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January Daily Dip 2021

This is our fourth year of the January Daily Dip and 2021 has been the biggest coldest one yet! Twenty eight brave souls around the North of England dipping in just their cosies into freezing water every single day in January to raise money for Crisis the UKs homelessness charity.
This year we were part of the Ice breaker challenge which couldn’t have been more aptly named. The dippers all got very skilled in using an axe to beak the ice before they were able to get in the water! Its been tough but its been so worth it - between us we have raised £42,000 and the total is still going up. This sort of money will make a big difference to people living without a home in the UK. If you are able to donate heres the link:
We couldn’t get together for a final celebratory swim as we usually do, so instead one of the dippers made this film of us - the world first socially distanced outdoor synchronised swimming routine! Hope you enjoy it!
(The music if you’re wondering is “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite, performed by street band and total legends Mr Wilson’s Second Liners)
Thank you so much to all our donors. More than 1500 people have supported our fundraising. (The justgiving page stays live for a while longer.) Added together, this wonder team have completed over 868 dips, been on telly 7 times, been on the radio 8 times, had their photo in every paper in the land, broken the ice, dipped in the dark, sang, danced, dressed up, dunked their children; you name it, no mountain too high, no river too deep (get it...river).
And it’s all been worth it because everyone deserves a home, it is a human right and we believe Crisis are going to help end homelessness for good.


The homelessness crisis in the Uk is devastating and is getting worse. Homelessness is at its highest rate since 2006.The ‘Generation Homeless’ report, released by Shelter in Dec 2019, revealed for the first time the shocking rate at which children are made homeless; the equivalent of 183 children lose their homes every single day. On Christmas Day 2019, it was estimated at least 135,000 children in the UK were living in temporary accommodation. 

These are shameful, horrific statistics and it's easy to feel helpless about those huge figures. But the most powerful thing we’ve got is each other and together we can make change. The very act of getting in cold water is empowering, doing it with other people is bonding and life affirming and doing it to raise money for people in desperate need can make all the difference. 

Every January we need swimmers, towel holders, cake bakers, social media sharers, photographers, film makers and donators. Please follow @swimferal on facebook and instagram for future campaigns and how to get involved in the #januarydailydip.   



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