We are passionate about wild swimming. Its our aim to inspire people to feel confident and informed enough to be able to go out experience the profound sense of connection swimming in nature brings.

Here is where we share the latest Swim Feral projects and stories - stories about and for our wonderful swimming community.

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WHY I SWIM - Rosanne Robertson

After art school and about 7 or so Canal Street and Queer scene Manchester years, the city had battered me in all the usual and wonderful ways, and I felt the urge to get out of it rather than going for another spin. I looked for somewhere to go, close...

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Wild Swim Kit

New to Wild Swimming? - What kit do you need? The honest answer is none! That’s the beauty of wild swimming - it’s free and all you need is your body and a body of water! (Well in the summer at least. ) HOWEVER its nice to have some comforts...

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The Outdoor Swimming Society

Here you will find absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to swimming outdoors. You will find beautiful films, interesting articles, safety information, research, shop, your local swim groups. The list goes on...

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Wild Swim Map

Wild Swim Map is a brilliant resource for finding and sharing your favourite swim spots around the world. It's great if you're travelling and looking for a place to dip.

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January Daily Dip

Since January 2018, The January Daily Dip has raised raised over £30,000 to support people who are displaced or homeless.  The January Daily Dippers are a growing team of hardy folk that swim outdoors every day in January no matter the weather, with NO WETSUITS to raise money for Crisis UK;...

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