We are passionate about wild swimming. It's our aim to inspire people to feel confident and informed enough to be able to go out experience the profound  sense of connection swimming in nature brings. On this page you will find links to useful outdoor swimming related articles and projects.

Why I Swim

Our Why I Swim project can be found here – ordinary folks to telling their extraordinary swim stories. Take a look and message us if you would like your story to be featured.

Wild Water Film Premiere

It's been two years in the making but Wild Water is finally out and holding its UK premiere at Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2023 on 16th November at 8pm. You can book tickets here. There will also be a Q & A with the director & producer plus some of the swimmers featuring in...

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A dip into history and healing at St Dyfnog's Holy Well

We recently had the pleasure of taking a taking a dip in the (very cold) St Dyfnogs well, Llanrhaeadr, North Wales. Saint Dyfnog, born into wealth, chose a simpler life as a monk. He settled in an isolated wooded area with a spring-fed stream and built a small wooden church,...

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Breathing and Swimming

Breathing and Swimming:Connect to your breath during cold water exposure By Breathing Expert and Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Thomas Hague, The Breath @thebreathcoachuk It’s 06.30 on Monday 20th March and it's cold and drizzling outside with a heavy sea mist hovering over Ilfracombe Harbor, Devon where I take my daily...

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Ice swimmer, adventurer and fellow Feral Friend Fenwick Ridley has been busy! Here he tells us more about his recent ice swimming events... I am so chuffed and powered by my recent ice swimming events, which included six winter events and a stack of personal bests, trophies, and medals. It...

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6 years of the January Daily Dip

  The January Daily Dip is now in its 6th year, its been quite a journey! December 2018 me and me mate Sonya were feeling distressed and helpless about the horrific plight of the Syrian refugees. Sonya came up with the idea of dipping every day in January to raise...

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Sick of all the sh*t?

We were outraged to see nearly 50 pollution alerts across beaches in England and Wales last week. The government tells us these sewage discharges are a necessity when managing drainage capacity during torrential rain. But this is becoming an all too common excuse, allowing them to continue releasing untreated water...

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Swimming and Yoga

I’m not a natural swimmer, although I had lessons and learned to swim when I was quite young I never enjoyed it. The two state primary schools that I went to both had open air swimming pools. It seems like a luxury nowadays but to me it was like torture,...

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Wild Water

Gaddings Dam holds a very special place in our hearts and Swim Feral almost certainly wouldn't exist without it. Wild Water is a new documentary based around the West Yorkshire Dam directed by regular dipper Ben Davis for Paper Vision Films. And it would have been a challenge for him to make the film without...

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Cold water and ME

Remember those water safety videos shown in schools? Well, they were probably aimed at me - but I ignored them. I was that kid jumping in dirty canals and swimming in deep reservoirs all through the school holidays. Water has always drawn me in. From Llyn Peninsula camping holidays, jumping...

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Small swim business in a big pond

A lot has happened in the world since Jamima first came up with the idea of the Turtleback bag. Lots of interesting things, lots of scary things, lots of life affirming things. The explosion in popularity for outdoor swimming is one of them. In the two years since we launched our...

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Yorkshire Swim Works

Swimming? Outdoors? In the Yorkshire Moors? Yes please. We’re VERY excited about the newly announced Yorkshire Swim Works. This ambitious project plans to make Yorkshire Swim Works one of the first naturally filtered public swimming pools in the UK, integrating nature, sport, and wellbeing.Their vision is to repurpose the former water treatment works below Thornton Moor...

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The Light Fund - English Channel Relay Swim 2022

A bulwark against invasion, a conduit for exchange and a challenge to be conquered, the English Channel has always been many things to many people. Today it's the busiest shipping lane in the world and hosts more than 30 million passenger crossings every year. However, this sliver of choppy brine,...

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