We are passionate about wild swimming. It's our aim to inspire people to feel confident and informed enough to be able to go out experience the profound  sense of connection swimming in nature brings. On this page you will find links to useful outdoor swimming related articles and projects.

Why I Swim

Our Why I Swim project can be found here – ordinary folks to telling their extraordinary swim stories. Take a look and message us if you would like your story to be featured.

Body of Water with Gilly McArthur

We are very VERY excited to be partnering with Sequence 13 for their new film Body of Water. Over the past year, people all across the globe have been swept up in an exciting activity - wild swimming. From rivers to lakes to seas, swimming outside of the confines of a...

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Guardian Article: Neoprene and afterdrop: how to keep swimming outside this winter

Some of you may have read the recent piece in the Guardian by Amy Fleming which offered some really good tips about swimming outside in winter. And our Turtleback bag got a shout out...  Having only launched our bag via Kickstarter earlier this year, we are really chuffed to be...

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Tips for winter swimming

New to wild swimming? Only swum during the summer? Here are some top tips for anyone thinking about winter wild swimming: Go with experienced winter swimmers We would strongly advise trying it out with an experienced cold water swimmer until you are completely confident of your own abilities.The Outdoor Swimming...

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Wild Swim Kit

New to Wild Swimming? - What kit do you need? The honest answer is none! That’s the beauty of wild swimming - it’s free and all you need is your body and a body of water! (Well, in the summer at least. ) However, it's nice to have some comforts...

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The Outdoor Swimming Society

Here you will find absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to swimming outdoors. You will find beautiful films, interesting articles, safety information, research, shop, your local swim groups. The list goes on...

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