We are passionate about wild swimming. It's our aim to inspire people to feel confident and informed enough to be able to go out experience the profound  sense of connection swimming in nature brings. On this page you will find links to useful outdoor swimming related articles and projects.

Why I Swim

Our Why I Swim project can be found here – ordinary folks to telling their extraordinary swim stories. Take a look and message us if you would like your story to be featured.

January Daily Dip 2022

Since January 1st 2022, more than 40 brave swimmers, from all over the UK, have been plunging into freezing cold water every single day – in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Crisis UK – the UK’s leading homelessness charity. These swimmers have dipped in all sorts of...

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The Rivers Trust: With sewage pollution, the government nearly met its Waterloo

This blog was written by Christine Colvin, Director for Partnerships & Communications at The Rivers Trust and was originally published on The Rivers Trust website.   This week we have a new Environment Act. It’s not the best Act we wanted for the environment, but it is a better Act...

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The Art of Wild Swimming

We love talking about swimming – it’s not just a business for us, it’s changed our lives. We are super chuffed to be in The Art of Wild Swimming – a beautiful and informative book packed with tips and suggestions from awesome folks in our swimming community. We’re amongst great...

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Help End Sewage Pollution

Like you, we are appalled by the news that MPs voted to reject amends to the Environment Bill, but we can still do something. I think we speak for everyone here: no one wants to swim in shit.  The next Environment Bill amendment has to be voted through by the Lords TODAY (26.10.21),...

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Ship-Shaped and Bristol’s Flapping: A big girl’s maiden wild swim

Like most kids growing up in rural areas in the mid-70s, my first experience of open water (beyond the bathtub and sink) was being dunked in a pool in a river just big enough to be taught how not to drown in. When I got to high school, in a...

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The Power of the Ocean

So many of us find solace in the water – the act of swimming providing you with your own personal therapy. Our Feral Friends Helen and Dannie at SeaChange Retreats use water to offer a unique approach to cancer recovery. Their day, weekend and week-long retreats are centred around surfing...

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Signed up members of the SAS 250 Club

  Whatever the weather, summer is usually the time we head to the beach. And this year more than most, you’ll likely have headed to a beach in the UK. We’ve often popped down to the beach for a morning dip and ended up staying all day – this year...

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Competition: Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui

We have five copies of a beautiful new book by Bonnie Tsui to give away. In Why We Swim, Bonnie takes us through her own relationship to swimming and around the globe in a remarkable, all-encompassing account of this watery world. Below is an extract from the book. For your chance to...

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Made in Britain

Why buy British? Here at Swim Feral, we are proud members of Made in Britain – you may have noticed its mark on your bag. That mark is not only a sign of quality but also confirmation that you are supporting local manufacturing in the UK. Made in Britain brings...

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The Rivers Trust: River Revival

Rivers shape our land­scapes and pro­vide the foun­da­tions of our cities, towns and coun­try­side. When they thrive, so do we.This summer The Rivers Trust want everybody to remember just how special rivers are. We all know they are an important water resource, and that we couldn’t survive without them. They...

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Dirtbags Climbing

Here at Swim Feral we are big fans of reusing and repurposing materials wherever possible. When we came across Dirtbags Climbing – who upcycle old climbing gear into new products – we instantly loved what they were doing and wanted to hear more about them.  Founders, Jennifer Wood and James Dickinson tell...

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Being a Conscientious Swimmer

As the popularity of swimming outside continues to rise, it’s important to remember that we’re not alone out there. We’re not the only ones on the riverbank, we’re not the only ones enjoying the water – so how can we all become more conscientious swimmers?  Don't be a dick Firstly –...

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