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Small swim business in a big pond

A lot has happened in the world since Jamima first came up with the idea of the Turtleback bag. Lots of interesting things, lots of scary things, lots of life affirming things. The explosion in popularity for outdoor swimming is one of them.

In the two years since we launched our Kickstarter, not only have we developed new products, so have lots of other people. Now – we’re not claiming to have invented the idea of standing on something waterproof or cosy to keep your feet warm and dry while you get changed. Ikea bags and yoga mats have been serving swimmers well for years. But we have started to see a few very similar bags and products crop up – and that was probably always going to happen. We created something that is fit for purpose and ultimately solves a problem: a practical swim bag to get changed in, suitable for challenging weather conditions.

"I needed a bag that was comfortable to carry and big enough to fit all my gear in. I assumed I’d be able to buy a bag or mat that I could stand on and fit my stuff in so I was really surprised when all I could find were surf mats. I tried a variety of them but they just didn't do what I wanted them to do."
 - Jamima, Swim Feral co-founder

A successful product will undoubtedly spawn new variations with small alterations to keep them different to the original.

We’re still here and we’re going to keep on doing what we do and sticking to what we originally set out to achieve:

  • Support and work with independent, ethically-focused organisations and individuals who align our values
  • Source locally made products and use local services
  • Use recycled, ethically sourced materials whenever we can
  • Create quality products that are made to last and offer free repairs rather than replacements

…and swim outdoors!

Woman packing up Swim Feral Turtlback bags ready to send off to customers

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Swim Feral is how we have managed to stay true to our original values as well as keeping our operation small (other than our fantastic makers there’s just three of us beavering away). That’s not to say it’s smooth sailing – running a business is a big undertaking - especially in 2022 but we love what we do and hope that Swim Feral is an inspiring role model for how small business can be successful. 

Read the full story of how Jamima came up with the idea of the Turtleback bag.

"My bag is being admired everywhere I swim and I always tell them to get along to Swim Feral"
Tessa S

"I’ve had mine coming up two years now and it’s still doing the business, day in, day out"
Sarah T

"It's so nice and rare to be able to buy handmade in Britain, and with upcycled materials too….! Great design and workmanship and so versatile and easy to carry and use. Keep up the good work ladies - buy British!"
Marie K

"Thanks again for your wonderful bags and customer service."
Victor R


Woman standing in a Swim Feral Turtleback bag with her arms outstretched to the sky, smiling.



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