Camo Turtleback outdoor swimming bag
Outdoor swim changing bag for wild swimming / openwater swimming / surfing / swim events
Outdoor swim changing bag for wild swimming / openwater swimming / surfing / swim events
Outdoor swim changing bag for wild swimming / openwater swimming / surfing / swim events
Outdoor swim changing bag for wild swimming / openwater swimming / surfing / swim events
The Turtleback outdoor swimming bag
two women getting changed in Swim Feral Turtleback swim bags on the beach by the water
label on Swim Feral Turtleback swim bag showing that it is handmade in the Uk by a woman called Sue
Picture of a woman feet on the insulated mat inside the Swim Feral Turtleback swim bag
Woman sitting in a pink Turtleback outdoor swimming bag
Camo Turtleback outdoor swimming bag
Yellow Turtleback outdoor swim bag from above with swim kit inside
Turtleback outdoor swim bag being handmade at the factory
The Turtleback Bag
The Turtleback Bag

The Turtleback Bag



There are currently some Brexit-related delays on a couple of the fabrics we use to make our Turtleback bag. The delays are temporary and we will try our best to get your bag to you as soon we can.  If you pre-order yours now we'll aim to get them to you in the next 20 working days – hopefully sooner. We'll keep you updated if there are any further delays.

The Turtleback Bag* - Bringing comfort to the uncomfortable!

The only outdoor swimming bag with an integrated insulated changing mat designed to keep your gear dry and your feet clean and warm in cold conditions.

70cm diameter base

  • Insulated mat so your feet don’t get cold when the ground is too cold
  • easy drawstring access because cold hands can't do zips!
  • comfy to carry with adjustable straps
  • big enough to stand on and fit all your gear in
  • will keep your clothes dry while you swim
  • water proof & wipeable
  • quality materials made to last
  • mat is made from recycled lorry tarpaulin 
  • made in Lancashire in the UK by expert bag makers 


Please note - the insulated mat in your bag is made from recycled lorry tarpaulin which would otherwise go to landfill. It has been throughly treated and cleaned but will have residue marks. These may include textured surface where strapping has been removed, scuff marks or even tiny holes – these are just left over scars from a tough life on the road and do not comprise the integrity of the bag. We like to think scars have character. Each bag is as unique as its owner! Swim Feral advocates recycling wherever possible. 

Click here to read more about the tarpaulin used in our bags.


The story of our Turtleback bag

Click here to read the story of how the Turtleback grew from an idea on the side of a muddy riverbank to something you can now throw over your shoulder as you head off for a swim.


Reviews from some happy swimmers: 

“My bag had her maiden voyage today. Packed full of wetsuits and stuff for paddle boarding. So much room. I love it.”
- Samantha C

“I didn't think it would be so lightweight with all my gear in, really easy to carry”
- Laura A

"Swim Feral’s brilliant Turtleback bag, which doubles as a changing mat, helps to take the freezing fumble out of getting dressed."
 - The Guardian

"They are the best thing ever, thank you so much for designing and making just what we all needed!"
 - Denise and Sally in Kendal 

"The best thing for me about this bag? All of it.”
- Gilly McArthur, Adventurer / Ice Swimmer and Feral Friend

“It's totally changed my dipping experience. I love these bags. Can't recommend them enough!”
- Les P

"You cannot beat this bag. An absolute must have bag for all wild swimmers."
- Fenwick Ridley, Adventurer / Ice Swimmer, H20 Trails and Feral Friend

 "I ordered bag number 7 through the Kickstarter, so I’ve been a fan since 9am on day one of your journey.  My bag swims with me every day and has so far travelled across the UK and Europe.  I has taken care of me, carried my enormous pot of swan food (my personal trainer is a swan called Beaker and he doesn’t come cheap), contained shivering children and sulking dogs, and organised camping gear." Sarah Payne 

*The Turtleback bag is trade marked and  a unique protected UK registered design under the Registered Designs Act 1949




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