Gilly McArthur - Ice swimmer and adventurer.

"As a wild swimmer, not a triathlete or pool swimmer, the challenge to find the right swim bag for your all your bits is tricky.
The bag needs to be large enough for dry robes, flasks of tea, goggles, bobble hats, cake, towels, warm clothes and bits of neoprene and an axe (for those that like this slightly niche bit of wild swims).
It needs to be mud proof, wind proof, waterproof and dog proof. It needs to be built to last. In addition to this long list of requirements it needs to be able to be opened with freezing fingers on cold days and needs to be comfy to shoulder for a longer walk to a wild swim spot.
Well, the Turtleback bag ticks all those boxes - because it’s designed by actual wonderful wild swimmers, in the UK and made here too.

The best thing for me about this bag? All of it.

I’ve tried IKEA bags, large shoppers, rucksacks and plastic buckets. Believe me, they all work but have limitations... if you really are a wild swimmer, and want your dry robe to stay dry, your bra and pants to stay shore line and your feet to mud free - this bag is for you."

Fenwick Ridley - Adventure / Ice Swimmer, H2o Trails 

Open water swimmer Fenwick Ridley

"I have been an open water swimmer and adventurer for many moons now and not forgetting an ice breaking.

I have been through so much equipment testing all sorts of stuff & bags for all kinds of activities but never found a good wild swimming bag that helps with many of activities around the water UNTIL NOW.

The Turtleback bag by Swim Feral is by far the best bag out there for any wild swimmer. The bag is really easy to get into with cold hands and super mega easy to pack, including the quick draw string to close.

I actually have massive shoulders and find a lot of bags dig into me but I was so happy to find the Turtleback very comfy.

The easy access bag is super tough but light and great for anything needed for the swim, like my robe to glove, socks, food, cooking stove, axe and spare swim gear and even my puppys stuff (toys, nibbles, paddywck) oh and my camera gear haha. With all that in the bag I was so impressed with how the bag felt.

I do class myself as a bit of an eco-warrior, trying to do my bit. I'm buzzing that these bags are also made on solar powered machines and feature recycled materials but to top it off it's made in the UK; just epic!

I have taken the bag on some good test runs and pushed it a fair bit with colder swims and the one thing I love, maybe the most, is the ability to stand in it after cleaning sandy toes.

Moona my little puppy's favorite thing is to sleep in it while I swim. #dogproof.

Say good bye to rucksacks and shopping bags for your swims, Swim Feral have finally arrived in our lives.  These lovely, fellow wild swimmers are making these with love for the water and people of the water."

Johnny HartnellFounder member of The Dales Dippers.

"I had the pleasure of testing out the Swim Feral Turtleback swim bag. 
At first I thought it was a bit too big, but once I’d loaded it with the usual excessive swim faff I soon realised it was a perfect bag for the job...
We walked uphill for around 30 minutes in the pouring rain on the hunt for some waterfalls which we’d been tipped off about.
The Turtleback bag was super comfy to carry due to the broad shoulder straps and all the contents inside where kept perfectly dry.
Easy drawcord entry and a huge internal pocket to prevent things from floating around.
We all do the pocket dance to locate our keys but there’s no need because the bag has a handy zipped key/phone pocket. This bag will last a lifetime.
All in all I can’t find any negatives.10 out of 10 Swim Feral."



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