Gilly McArthur, Ice swimmer and Feral Friend

"The best thing for me about this bag? All of it.”

 - Gilly McArthur, Adventurer / Ice swimmer and Feral Friend


Open water swimmer Fenwick Ridley

"You cannot beat this bag. An absolute must have bag for all wild swimmers."

 - Fenwick Ridley, Adventurer / Ice Swimmer, H20 Trails and Feral Friend 


Johnny Hartnell, Founder member of The Dales Dippers and Feral Friend

"One bag, 100s of uses... it’s not just a bag it’s your best friend... 

This bag will last a lifetime -- 10 out of 10 Swim Feral."

 - Johnny Hartnell, Founder member of The Dales Dippers and Feral Friend

The Turtleback Bag - Outdoor swimming bag

“Game changer for me... It carries everything”
 - Karen L

- The Guardian
“Well done. I'm SO glad to see these bags are made in the UK 🇬🇧 & from recycled materials”
 - Jane N

“I didn't think it would be so lightweight with all my gear in, really easy to carry”
 - Laura A

“We just love our Turtleback bags - essential for daily dipping. And daily dips are essential to our lives"
 - Rebecca F

“What a cracking piece of kit you have invented. Awesome!”
 - Rachel A

The Turtleback outdoor swim bag

“My bag had her maiden voyage today. Packed full of wetsuits and stuff for paddle boarding.
So much room. I love it.”

 - Samantha C
“Makes getting changed so much better! Many thanks for this quality piece of kit.”
 - Lesley R

“Loving my bag!! Appreciate its excellent design, credentials and workmanship.”
 - Gill F 

“It's totally changed my dipping experience. I love these bags. Can't recommend them enough!”
 - Les P

“Great for changing in the wet and cold without losing your pants.”
 - Brant Richards, HebTroCo


Bring some comfort your outdoor swimming experience and order your Turtleback bag from our online shop.


The Turtleback outdoor swimming bag



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