Reuse + Repurpose

Part of a Turtleback bag at the factory with materials in the background


Sustainability is the starting point whenever we design or source new products – looking for opportunities to recycle and repurpose wherever possible.

For example, the insulated mat in our bags and the material that makes up our Spot is made from recycled lorry or vinyl tarpaulin. This is tough, long lasting material that would have otherwise made its way to landfill – and no one wants that.

We also offer free repairs if your bag is damaged (we don't mind how or where) within a year of you purchasing it from us. You'll cover the cost of posting it back to our repairs team, and we'll cover the postage cost to get it back to you once fixed.

Our focus on sustainability is on-going and we are always looking to improve and refine our ways of working to reduce our impact on the planet. 

Environmentally conscious swimming 

Buying from Swim Feral already makes you an environmentally conscious swimmer but there are other ways to reduce waste and support circular economy when shopping for new swim gear.

Here are a few places to get started: 


Swimming goggle on the side of the pool

Recycling your old swim hats and goggles

Do you have a collection of goggles and swim hats that you don't use any more? To save them from going to landfill, send your old hats and goggles to Sea & Stream.

Click here to visit their site



Pair of climbing shoes on a mat
Support the Dirtbags 

Dirt Bags collect old climbing gear, outdoor textiles and – most pertinent for swimmers – anything made out of neoprene and tow floats. Materials are given a brand spanking new life as a Dirt Bag product.

Click here to visit their site



Get a rubbish swimsuit

Batoko have a great range of swimwear – all made from recycled plastic waste that’s intercepted before heading for landfill and oceans.

Click here to visit Batoko's site 



Swap your swim stuff

Outdoor Swimming Society have a Facebook group dedicated to buying, selling and giving swimming related kit.

Click here to join the Facebook group 



Illustration of people on bikes sharing their outdoor clothing

Contribute to Alpkit's Continuum Project

Alpkit will take any brand of unwanted outdoor clothing or equipment and find it a new home through various upcycling projects with their charity partners. 

Click here to read more about the Continuum Project



Find out more about how our bags are made

Pile of half made Turtleback bags in the factory



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