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Let's Talk Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin might not sound like the most exciting of subjects but we’re proud to say that the insulated mat in our bags is made from recycled lorry tarp. This is tough, long lasting material that would have otherwise made its way to landfill – and no one wants that.

Our factory intercepts that trip to the landfill and reuses it to create the warm, cosy insulated mat that makes our bags so great for cold, wet feet. The tarpaulin is throughly treated and cleaned before becoming part of a bag – but it will likely still have some residue marks from this process. This could include a textured surface where strapping has been removed, scuff marks or even tiny holes - these are just leftover scars from a tough life on the road and do not comprise the integrity of the bag.

Larry tarp being cut into circles at the factory ready for a Turtleback bag

Sustainability is a core value of our products – and who we are. We are always looking for opportunities to recycle and repurpose wherever possible. When we first set about designing the Turtleback bag, we quickly decided that we didn't want to add to cheap consumer culture. Everything had to be as local as possible and more importantly it had to sit right with our values even if that meant high production costs.

We like to think the scars from recycled materials have character, making each bag as unique as its owner!


Buying from Swim Feral already makes you an environmentally conscious swimmer but there are some other ways that you can be an even more eco-friendly:

Recycling your old swim hats and goggles

Do you have a collection of goggles and swim hats that you don't use any more? To save them from going to landfill, send your old hats and goggles to Sea & Stream.

Click here to visit their site

Get a rubbish swimsuit

Batoko have a great range of swimwear – all made from recycled plastic waste that’s intercepted before heading for landfill and oceans.

Click here to visit Batoko's site 

Swap your swim stuff

Outdoor Swimming Society have a Facebook group dedicated to buying, selling and giving swimming related kit.

Click here to join the Facebook group 




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