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Yorkshire Swim Works

Swimming? Outdoors? In the Yorkshire Moors? Yes please.

We’re VERY excited about the newly announced Yorkshire Swim Works. 

This ambitious project plans to make Yorkshire Swim Works one of the first naturally filtered public swimming pools in the UK, integrating nature, sport, and wellbeing.

Their vision is to repurpose the former water treatment works below Thornton Moor Reservoir, and to create a swimming experience that connects people with nature and the health benefits of outdoor swimming, in chemical-free unheated water.

A natural swimming pool is made hygienic without the use of chemicals. Swimming water flows through biological filters before reaching a regeneration zone – where carefully selected aquatic plants and mineral gravel layers help to cleanse the water, providing a wonderful habitat for wildlife.

The Yorkshire Swim Works will provide a big and beautiful body of water for all swimmers – learners through to those who swim for sport – whilst benefiting your health and wellbeing.

Their core ambitions are to:
- serve the community
- connect people with nature
- encourage participation in outdoor swimming
- offer a training and events venue for triathlon
- boost the local economy and tourism

At the moment they are in the research phase of the project having been awarded a small grant from The Department of Place to carry out initial research to explore the project’s viability.

Bradford Council are right behind the project, and public opinion from as many communities as possible is a key part of this research, so the Yorkshire Swim Works have designed a survey.

Find out more about this super inspiring project here and take part by answering their survey and help shape the future of Yorkshire Swim Works.


Image: Gagarin Architects



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