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Wild Water Film Premiere

It's been two years in the making but Wild Water is finally out and holding its UK premiere at Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2023 on 16th November at 8pm. You can book tickets here. There will also be a Q & A with the director & producer plus some of the swimmers featuring in the film. 

The film has already won best feature documentary in the August Hawaii International Film Awards and has been selected for the Toronto Documentary Feature and short Film Festival 2023

Wild Water is a beautiful documentary film about Gaddings Dam and the community of people drawn to it.   

780 feet above sea level, Gaddings Dam sits nestled in the expansive landscape of the West Yorkshire moors. This remote oasis, imbued with the poetic spirit of Ted Hughes and the Brontës, boasts the UK's highest beach, a modest strip of sand that beckons a diverse community of swimmers, day-trippers, walkers, bikers, and runners.

A rhythmic ebb and flow of people characterizes Gaddings Dam, as they embark on the twenty-minute pilgrimage up a steep rugged footpath. Each one is drawn by the ever-changing beauty of this place, where it's simultaneously timeless and ever-evolving. The hardiest locals, unafraid of wind, rain, or snow, plunge into the water all year round. For some, it's an escape, a chance for camaraderie, a means to keep life's struggles at bay, or simply a thrilling adventure. As they immerse themselves in the water, a shared, visceral experience, leaving behind everything but the present moment. Here, time can stand still, and tranquility takes over.


Gaddings Dam with the January Daily Dippers

Yet, Gaddings Dam is more than just a swimming spot; it's a vibrant ecosystem. Volunteers diligently maintain the footpaths in all weather conditions. The local pub owner fights to protect their parking lot from encroaching day trippers. Nearby farmers occasionally require assistance rescuing their cattle. The friends of Gaddings Dam group are dedicated to keeping the dam safe and accessible. and for the last six years January Daily Dippers have embraced the icy waters every day in January to raise money for homelessness.

Book your tickets to watch the film at Kendal Mountain Festival: 
Thursday 16th November

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