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Sick of all the sh*t?

We were outraged to see nearly 50 pollution alerts across beaches in England and Wales last week. The government tells us these sewage discharges are a necessity when managing drainage capacity during torrential rain. But this is becoming an all too common excuse, allowing them to continue releasing untreated water into our rivers and seas.

If it’s not rain, it’s “significant electrical issues at pumping stations”. Or… we find out that some water companies haven’t even installed the devices needed to effectively monitor their own sewage discharges. Oh and the water company bosses are getting bonuses despite missing sewage pollution targets. It’s truly disgraceful. 

What can you do?

Report pollution

If you come across untreated water being discharged into your swim spot (or anywhere!), take pictures or a video and contact the Environment Agency (EA) Pollution Hotline on 0800 80 70 60. Once the incident is reported they have to investigate it – that’s where the images come in handy.

Support the good folks

Surfers Against Sewage are doing fantastic work campaigning for better water quality. You can donate your time or money to help them with their work.

The Rivers Trust love our rivers just as much as we do, cleaning up and restoring waterways and building climate resilience.

Speak up for Rivers

Surfers Against Sewage are calling for the UK Government and the devolved administrations to set legally binding targets to increase the number of Official River Bathing Waters in the UK and work with regulators and communities to ensure the target is delivered.

Sign the petition:

Check you local water quality

Download SAS’s Safer Seas & Rivers Service to get up to date information on the water quality at your local swim spot.

More information:

Desktop map:

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Map graphic: Surfers Against Sewage



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