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Feral Friend #8 - Joanna Shimwell

I use outdoor activity and connecting with nature as a means of coping with everyday life and alleviating stress, tension and anxiety. I have found there’s a powerful therapeutic benefit in cold water exposure which is how I became a swimmer. Sometimes I’m a dipper, sometimes I take swimming more seriously. I think it getting in the water is a very empowering and positive activity that I actively encourage others to try. 

My day job is farming alongside my dad on our family farm and running a camp site with my boyfriend Nick. I share lots of my life on Instagram and I also have a YouTube channel where I share my farming life, passion for food and local swimming spots. Dale Farm on YouTube, @joannashimwell on Instagram

Connecting with other swimmers is also a hobby of mine and I have made some fantastic new friends through the online swim community. There’s a growing list of people I aim to visit and swim with! Exploring new places in our van and swimming in beautiful, wild locations is my dream come true. I love to swim all year around and have been lucky to swim in the beautiful lakes of Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Our winter trips to Scotland and Ireland also provided some incredible sea swimming opportunities. I can’t wait to revisit.


Joanna's review of our Turtleback outdoor swimming bag: 

"I seem to have accumulated a fair amount of ‘swim clutter’ and it’s easier for me for it to all live in one place ... the Turtleback bag is perfect as it’s so roomy!
I have my goggles, swim caps, thermometer, ear plugs, swimwear, towel, booties, gloves, tow float, flask and Dryrobe and they all accompany me to every swim!"




Add some Swim Feral to your next swim:

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