Made to last

Our bags are made to last, in Lancashire, UK, by solar-powered machines, out of recycled materials. We guarantee to repair your bag for free, within one year of purchase.

Handmade locally

We are proud to be able to say that our Turtleback outdoor swimming bags are handmade just up the road with quality, recycled materials by expert bag makers with decades of experience. The factory has been manufacturing bags for outdoor adventures since 1932.

When we set out designing the bag, finding the right manufacturer was really important. Carradice is based up in Nelson and their factory is full of highly skilled makers who handcraft each bag that leaves the workshop.

If you’ve got a Turtleback yourself, you may have noticed a label signed by the very person who made your bag. In fact, knowing who made the bag means a lot to those who have already purchased a Turtleback:

👏 Thank you Tammy - you made the orange Turtleback bag I bought my husband for his 50th last month. We absolutely love it. Brilliant product, brilliant business 💚

Thanks Sue, I love my bag.

Thanks Andrea for my fantastic Turtleback. It’s great to see it being made in the picture.

Thank you Zaneta, you made my orange Turtleback bag and it’s fabulous! It’s simply one of my favourite things that gets me packed and ready for adventure! A life changer this year and I’m not exaggerating. 🙌 So I am sending gratitude and appreciation for your skill and attention to detail - keep up the great work @swimferal !! ❤️

Team at Carradice factory making our Turtleback outdoor swimming bags


The team at Carradice played a vital role in the development of the Turtleback, allowing us to test and refine different elements of the design. Time and consideration went into making sure it was fit for purpose. Being wild swimmers ourselves meant we knew exactly what was required, we just had to work out how to make it a reality. 


Made in Britain

Carradice is a member of Made in Britain and we were keen to work with a local company carrying this marque, knowing that they work to the very highest standards. The quality and durability of the Turtleback was critical as we know the bags will be put to the test and face some tough situations — wild swimmers don’t do things by halves and we need our kit to be as durable as we are!

Wherever possible we are keen to support and work with independent, ethically-focused organisations and individuals who align with Swim Feral’s values and outlook. All of our Turtlebacks are made with care and precision — so all you need to worry about is where you’re going swimming next…


Made to last

The Turtleback is a one off purchase made to last, we believe a higher quality product will have a lower impact on the environment in the long term than a product of inferior quality. We hope our bag will be reducing single use plastic bags.



If your bag is damaged (we don't mind how or where) within a year of you purchasing it from us, we'll repair it for you, completely free of charge. You'll cover the cost of posting it back to our repairs team, and we'll cover the postage cost to get it back to you once fixed.


Recycled materials

The insulated pad on your bag is made from recycled foam which would otherwise go to landfill and the mat covering is made from recycled lorry tarp. Each bag is completely unique!

We are looking to use recycled materials wherever possible, not only that but the sewing machines that make your bags are powered by solar energy.


Sustainable Packaging

We use 100% bio degradable bags for posting and use good old card for labels.



Mailing List

Keep informed of future Swim Feral projects and products. We promise we will only contact you when we have something we are proud to share.