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Which Swim Feral bag is right for me?

We design gear to make your outdoor swimming experience more comfortable.


We started with our Turtleback bag and now have a few more products that we've added to our collection. Not 100% sure which bag is right for your next swim? Below is a quick run down on the differences between them... 


The Turtleback: the original boss of outdoor swim bags

Two people each standing in their Turtleback bags at the side of the water laughing


It’s big! 70cm diameter base

You could literally fit the kitchen sink in our Turtleback if you wanted to. It expands and can easily fit two robes and all your swim kit inside – and still have room to stand in and get changed. 

Check out this video to get a better idea:

Key features
- Insulated integrated 40cm diameter mat in the centre of the base
- Large velcro pocket to store things you want to find quickly
- Phone pocket and key clip
- Drawstring access for when your hands are so cold they don't work properly


A collage of image with the features of the Turtleback outdoor swim bag, including the drawstring close, insulated mat and inside pocket and key chain.

When it’s the perfect bag
- when you have a lot to carry - extra robes clothes in winter or everything for a day out on the beach 
- when you are going on shorter walks or cycles to swim spots 
- when want somewhere to sit, get cosy and take in the view while you have a post-swim brew
- when it’s cold or windy - it acts like a shell on your back and protects you against the elements

Click here to head to the Turtleback product page



The Terrapin: like the Turtleback but compact

Two people with their Terrapin bags on their bag walking to their swim spot

Size: Medium - 50cm diameter base

You can still fit a dryrobe and your gear in but you would need to take the robe out to have enough room to see everything you packed and stand in it to get changed.

Key features
- Insulated integrated mat covering the whole of the base so you can stand anywhere inside it in the safe knowledge your feet will be warm.
- Adjustable waist strap
- Large velcro pocket to store things you want to find quickly.
- Phone pocket and key clip.
- Drawstring access for when your hands are so cold they don't work properly

When it's the perfect bag
- if you are going on longer walks / hikes / cycles to swim spots
- if you are someone with a smaller frame
 – if you prefer the weight to be higher up your back
- if you prefer a waist strap to help distribute the weight
- if you want somewhere to sit and enjoy a brew after your swim
- if you're looking for a swim bag for kids 


Click here to head to the Terrapin product page




Swim Feral bag comparison chart detailing the differences between a Terrapin and Turtleback bag





The Spot: a handy insulated mat with a carrying handle

The Swim Feral Spot

Not a bag... but still a great addition to your outdoor gear. Our spots are bright, cheery colours making them less likely to lose or leave behind. They are made out of recycled lorry tarpaulin, enjoying a second life going to beautiful places, keeping feet and bums warm – saving them from a depressing life in landfill.

It was made with outdoor swimming in mind but the spot can be used on hikes, camping and all sorts of other adventures.  

When would you use your Spot?
- if you want somewhere to sit and keep your bum dry while out for a walk, climbing or camping etc.
- for al fresco changing – giving you the option to get changed outside of your Turtleback bag or simply used on its own

Click here to head to the Spot product page

Woman on the beach standing on a swim spot with her face basking in the sun


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